Personal Assistant

What is a Personal Assistant?

A personal assistant could be a private personal assistant, celebrity assistant, home personal assistant or an executive assistant.

An executive assistant, or executive PA, usually works for a senior executive, or a group of senior executives, within a company.

A personal assistant, celebrity assistant or home personal assistant will usually work for an individual,
or a family, either partly or entirely outside of an organisation.

​Main duties include organisation; keeping files and diaries organised, planning trips, scheduling meetings
and maintaining the smooth running of their principal’s day.

Other duties can include shopping errands, picking up dry cleaning, gift-buying, and liaising
with third parties such as clients, maintenance workers and other staff.



Usually a PA will live out in their own accommodation but some roles can include an accommodation provision.



Fast, efficient service by friendly consultants. My Nanny has been with me 4 months now and my children love her

Royal Family,
Saudi Arabia

One of my favourite things about Diamond Private Staff is the after-placement support our Nanny receives. She uses their educational resources every day.

Mrs H, Switzerland

We found our House Manager, Jess, through Diamond Private Staff. The process was quick and simple and we received excellent support.

Royal Family, Qatar

How many hours does
a Personal Assistant work?


Varies considerably from job to job, will always require a good degree of flexibility. Typically a personal assistant will work office hours, 9-5, with flexibility to work weekends and evenings as and when the client requires it.

Often in international positions – particularly the Middle East, a personal assistant will need to be available 6 days a week, regularly in the evenings.”

How much does a Personal Assistant get paid?

Experienced Personal Assistants can expect to earn from £2000 to £6000 net per month, sometimes higher.
Packages can include accommodation and travel.

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