What is a Nanny?

A Nanny (or Manny for men) is someone who works within a private household taking care of the children. She will not only attend to their physical needs (bathing, feeding, changing) but also be responsible for their mental and phsyical development, their behaviour and all of their belongings.

A Nanny is someone with experience, and in many case qualifications, in childcare and they can be trusted to work independently with children all of all ages, though they also may worked “shared care” with the children’s Mother or within a team of Nannies.

A “sole charge” Nanny is a carer who spends the majority of their time alone with the children, without supervision or additional support.

What are the duties
of a nanny?


A Nanny is expected to take full care of their children’s needs. This means bathing the child, or helping them bathe themselves, changing the child when appropriate, feeding (and in many cases cooking) healthy, balanced meals and generally keeping them well presented. A Nanny must also keep a child safe, teach them self-discipline and ensure they understand appropriate behaviours. A Nanny must be aware of developmental milestones to ensure that the child is learning and developing well, and she will engage the child regularly in play and structured activities to keep them learning and stimulated. A Nanny will also be responsible for keeping the child’s rooms and possessions in order, ensuring toys are clean, clothes are up-to-date and in good condition, and that bedrooms, playrooms and bathrooms are tidy.



Fast, efficient service by friendly consultants. My Nanny has been with me 4 months now and my children love her

Royal Family,
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One of my favourite things about Diamond Private Staff is the after-placement support our Nanny receives. She uses their educational resources every day.

Mrs H, Switzerland

We found our House Manager, Jess, through Diamond Private Staff. The process was quick and simple and we received excellent support.

Royal Family, Qatar

How many hours does
a Nanny work?


The hours a Nanny works vary greatly between jobs.
Typically a Nanny will work between 8 hours a day and 12 hours a day, up to 6 days a week.

Jobs that require the nanny to be on duty 24 hours a day, 6 days a week are a possibility – they typically come with higher pay, and a greater holiday allowance.

It’s strongly recommended that employers take into consideration the high level of responsibility a Nanny takes on in their daily duties and the great level of energy required to ensure that children are kept safe and stimulated when deciding how many hours to contract their Nanny for.

How much does a Nanny get paid?

Salaries for Nannies differ greatly between jobs, dictated by the country of work, the hours, employment conditions
and experience/qualifications of the candidate.

An experienced British or European Nanny outside of the UK can expect to earn in excess of £800 net per week. Typically, a Nanny working internationally will be looking at a salary of £1000-£1500 net per week.

Junior Nannies with less experience could be paid £500 – £700 net per week.
Nannies within the UK get paid £400 – £800 net per week.

Do Nannies get


A Live-In Nanny is a Nanny whose accommodation is provided
by her employer.

This can be a private room and bathroom in the employer’s own residence, or separate local accommodation owned or rented by the family.

A Live-In Nanny must be provided with at least a private bedroom, ideally their own bathroom though occasionally this is shared with the children. When travelling, a Nanny could have their own hotel room or share with the children.

A Live-Out Nanny is a Nanny who has their own accommodation locally. They typically work lower hours and have a slightly higher salary to account for the commute and the increased living costs.

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