Dear Candidate,

​Welcome to Diamond Private Staff!

My name is Jennifer, and I’m our Candidate Director.

​I’ll be the person responsible for ensuring you get the best possible job that meets all of your requirements!

I’ve worked as a Governess and a Nanny for over a decade, so I’m more than aware of the unique challenges and obstacles that household and teaching staff face every day.

​During my time in employment, I worked with more than a dozen agencies and whilst some were better than others, none really provided me with the unique, personalised service I think is essential for job-seekers.

All other agencies out there are very client-focused, their end goal is to secure that golden fee – little effort is put into the candidates themselves during the application process, and none at all after they’ve been placed. As a Nanny, I found myself being pressured to take roles that I was uncomfortable with, being sent to interviews with sparse (and sometimes incorrect) information and, generally, just being treated like a commodity.

At Diamond we believe that part of giving our clients the best service is to ensure that our candidates have an equally amazing service. We need our candidates to feel secure, supported and listened to – at the end of the day, you’re the one that’s going out and doing the job!

​I’ll be available to you all day, every day, to answer any questions and concerns you have regarding your job search – you can message me any time and I’ll do my best to get back to you as soon as I’m able. In fact, have my WhatsApp now! It’s +44 7477 024213. Due to the high volume of candidates in conjunction with the day-to-day running of the agency, I ask that you stick with messages over calls so I can structure my time to fit everyone.

​We will never pressure you to apply for a position you are not comfortable in doing, we will never put you forward for a position that doesn’t meet your specifications. I will be at your side throughout the entire application process – and throughout your placement too!

​When you send me your CV, I will take all the relevant information and format it into one of our personalised profiles – this profile will be tweaked for every job you apply for – ensuring that the client is receiving the most relevant information about you and making sure that your skills and experience are being displayed at their very best.

​We try our hardest to ensure that all our clients provide the best possible working standards, and we will not accept business from any client whom we suspect may not be treating their staff with the dignity and respect that all of our candidates deserve.

In fact, take a look at our Terms & Conditions – we stipulate that Clients must stick to the agreed contract and not make significant changes to hours, conditions or pay.

​Our candidates will be given a Diamond Private Staff Welcome Hamper upon a successful contract which will include loads of goodies to ensure your new placement goes as smoothly as possible. We will also connect you with other staff members in your area, and provide you with detailed information on the location you are moving to.

​We strongly believe that looking after our candidates is the key to success – happy candidate = happy client.

​Please do get in touch, together we can find your dream job.

Jennifer Heald


Our services for all our Candidates is completely free of charge – NEVER pay an employment agency a fee, this is
a service that should always be free for the job-seekers.

We even offer complimentary training courses and, of course, our round the clock support hotline.
Candidates will need provide their own DBS and First Aid Certificates (where appropriate).